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Our Business Halacha Services

Choshen Mishpat Consultation Line

Choshen Mishpat professionals are available in real time to provide practical guidance in all areas of Business Halacha, guiding you through the most complex business transactions– even when “time is of the essence.”

Bais Din & Dispute Resolution

Full service Bais Din adjudication conducted in an atmosphere of professionalism, sensitivity & integrity.

Shabbos Arrangements & Non Kosher Food Service

For Jewish owned businesses with operations on Shabbos, or a facility that is providing non kosher food, the Bais HaVaad creates halachically acceptable arrangements for the Shabbos operations and the food service to be provided through a non-Jewish vendor.

Loans & Heter Iska

The Bais HaVaad will draft, execute, and file all proper loan and iska documentation to ensure that they are secured and guaranteed in a manner that they will be repaid in a timely manner. Where the loan will bear any form of interest, a proper Heter Iska must be established.

Contract Draft & Review

On staff Dayanim review business partnership agreements, non-compete agreements, or commercial and residential purchases to ensure they are halachically binding. Oftentimes, a simple document review at the onset, can save much time, money, and anguish down the line.

Halachic Wills & Estates

Working in tandem with legal professionals, Bais HaVaad Dayanim work confidentially, with extreme sensitivity, ensuring that all necessary estate planning is done in conformance with Hilchos Yerusha and is binding both legally and halachically.

Our Divisions

Medical Halacha Center

Providing authoritative and timely answers for Torah observant patients, caregivers, and physicians alike, facing halachic medical questions.

Kehilla Division

Authoritative and comprehensive Bais Din and business halacha services for every individual nationwide.

Sephardic Division

An active forum servicing and providing guidance in all areas of halacha.