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Q&A from the Bais HaVaad Halacha Hotline

TENTH AMENDMENTS Dayan Baruch Meir Levin May 27, 2020 Q: I purchased an apartment building with a down payment of one million dollars. The building generates $200,000 in net profit per year. With regard to ma’aser, does halacha consider there…

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Bais HaVaad on the Parsha, Parshas Bemidbar

Count Indictment Excerpted and adapted from a shiur by Harav Chaim Weg May 21, 2020 You shall count them by their legions, you and Aharon. (Bemidbar 1:3) According to the Ramban, the Torah here uses the term “pekidah” for counting…

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Q&A From the Bais HaVaad Halacha Hotline

Swing and a Hit Adapted from a shiur by Dayan Daniel Dombroff May 21, 2020 Q: I parked my car legally on the side of the street. Without checking for oncoming traffic, I opened my door, whereupon it was immediately…

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The Right of Return

Dayan Baruch Meir Levin May 14, 2020 Q: As a retailer, am I obligated to refund a purchase of defective merchandise if I know I will not be reimbursed, in turn, by my supplier? A: A seller is required to…

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