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Halachos Of Daily Living

Halachos of Daily Living

Laws related to Pesach

On Pesach, can one use paper plates, paper towels and napkins that are not certified kosher for Pesach?

Paper plates, paper towels and napkins generally contain starch. Some forms of raw starch are kitniyos, such as corn starch, while other forms of starch, such as wheat starch, are actual chametz. In the U.S, it can safely be assumed that starch used in manufacturing is kitniyos, most probably corn-based. Though one should not intentionally add kitniyos to food, with respect to paper goods this is not a concern because the starch that is part and parcel of the paper itself is nifsal mei’achila(inedible). (If paper goods contain wheat starch, the fact that it is nifsal mei’achila may not suffice to permit their use, see Magen Avrohom 442:4). Based on the above, in the US, one may use paper plates, paper towels and napkins even if not certified for Pesach.