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Business Halacha Daily features a daily halacha video covering pertinent business topics such as Interest and Heter Iskas, Geneivas Da’as, Loshon Hara in Business, Partnerships and Dissolutions. 


Landlord and Tenants Rights Amid COVID-19

Rav Chaim Weg Question: What is the halacha if a landlord rents out hisbasement to another family or a playgroup, and a member of that family or playgroup contracts the coronavirus? Does the landlord have any right to regulate what…

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Proper Precedence in Payments

Rabbi Chaim Weg - Rosh Kollel of Bais HaVaad Kollel for Dayanus - formerly Rosh Kollel of Scranton Kollel When money is scarce, who gets paid first? Question: What are the general parameters for a business, regarding paying employees vs.…

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Maaser for Covid Tuition

Q1. May one use maaser for tuition in general? Q2. Even if in a normal circumstance one cannot, is it possible that the tuition being paid during the COVID-19 school closures may be paid from maaser money? Answer 1: The…

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Playgroups vs. Schools

Q. The peshara for playgroups as mentioned previously was 25-33% of the regular tuition. Why does it seem that the expectation regarding schools is to pay closer to full tuition? As a matter of fact, there is a possibility from a Halachic…

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