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Borrowing a Siddur without Permission

Rabbi Chaim Weg Question: Someone was searching for a siddur to use in shul but could only find a privately owned siddur. He knew that the owner was currently away on vacation and would not need it. Is it permitted…

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Indirect Damage According to Halacha

Rabbi Yosef Greenwald Case: I was looking at my phone while driving [big mistake], and veered off into the next lane. A Jew driving next to me swerved to avoid my car and hit the guardrail, badly damaging his car. …

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May a Retail Store Remain Open on Chol Hamoed?

Rabbi Yosef Kushner Question: In the previous session, we discussed some of the rules of commerce on Chol Hamoed as they relate to real estate management. Commerce that takes place in a retail store with a physical location would appear…

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